You’ve been planning your dream event for months

and searching relentlessly for the perfect vintage inventory.

Your dream is to find beautiful vintage inventory that’s easy to rent and enjoy throughout your entire evening.

Take a deep breath and get ready to smile. Because that’s exactly what we do!

We are Anni and Dana of Old Souls Vintage Rentals, and our passion is to tell the story of your event through our vintage pieces.

Vintage furniture, style and design is a central part of who we are. From the legacy of our grandparents through their furniture left behind, the hunt for the perfect piece, studying and crafting styled shoots, events and working with dreamy clients, such as yourself.

We are all about getting to know our clients on a personal level...we want to know who you are and more about the amazing event your planning!

Then as a team, we hand-pick your perfect vintage inventory.

So head over here so we can start getting to know you and how we can help you pull off one heck of an event.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve been dreaming up…

A little history on our friendship...

Ever had a person placed in your life at just the right moment in a particular season?

That best friend that you are sure that God maybe forgot to give you as a sister?

That would be Dana & I.

We both wholeheartedly believe God placed us in each other's lives for more than just an amazing friendship.

Through this friendship He has brought growth, maturity, hard seasons and the most beautiful seasons... all while stirring within both of us some of the biggest dreams we've ever dreamed.

Funny enough, Dana started out as one of my leaders for a mission trip to Panama my senior year of high school.

Much to her chagrin, if you had asked me who she was before June of last year, I would have said, “Absolutely no idea.”

Four years after that mission trip we found ourselves in the woods of Ohio, camping, for a 5-day Christian music festival with about 60 high school youth group kids.

Through an unexpected torrential hurricane-like rain storm (that I was convinced was going to kill us all), our own life situations, and the very deep love of music, we became truly the bestest best friends.

That trip was the start of many adventures to come, including the biggest adventure we have taken on together: creating Old Souls.

Old Souls started while trying to figure out the future...

We were talking about Dana's goal of opening a vintage store and the possibility of it happening in the next couple of years. I suggested to her that she should start her store online and with that, we discovered the world of vintage rentals.

We both absolutely loved the idea of giving multiple people the opportunity to experience great pieces rather than just one person.

We want to connect and share the stories of our pieces with you.

And we definitely can't wait to meet you...our awesome clients who make the job we already love, even better.