Old Souls is much more than just a Vintage Rental Company.

Old Souls was created to tell your story...

One that is meant to be remembered.

And telling your story is why we are so passionate about creating a personal, unique experience for you and your event.

Because we believe that vintage pieces have an extraordinary story to tell too.

And when those piece's stories are paired with your vision for your event, what is created is nothing less than a magical experience.

See, we decided to create this business, because more than anything, we simply just love antiques.

Discovering the history of a piece, imagining all of the adventures it has had and dreaming of all the future places it will go.

That same love and passion we have for finding and collecting antiques, is what we feel about your experience with us.

 We get so darn excited when we have the opportunity to dream with our clients and envision what their special event will be like.

We want you to know how much we genuinely care about you and your unique vision.

We want you to feel loved and special and most importantly, to not have to worry about these details of your event.

Everything will be taken care of by us.

For your wedding day…

Celebrating your new baby…

Your photography shoot…

Here at Old Souls, we believe that each of our pieces will add a beautiful, elegant narrative to your unique vision.

Our mission is to unearth these classic pieces and connect their story with yours.


It’s about unearthing the past
and creating the perfect memory
through the staging of your event
by which you tell your story
from your wedding day celebration
to welcoming in your new baby
to a beautifully staged photo shoot
all while expressing who you are
through a piece of the past.
Which pieces will tell your story?

Drop us a note and tell us all about your story!